The Dual Shade System

The Dual Shade System was invented by our very own Steve Larkin – Founder of The Outside Shade Company. If you’re looking for a solution that can adapt to your needs – this is it!

The Dual shade system

Protect Your Space with The Dual Shade

The Dual Shade

Explore the Dual Shade, an innovative dual-purpose system perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces in tropical, hot, or sunny environments. This streamlined solution combines the functions of an awning and a patio shade, effectively protecting against bugs, wildlife, and the discomfort of direct sunlight. The Dual Shade features a lightweight, durable frame that blocks up to 95% of incoming sunlight, keeping the area cool and comfortable.
Designed for easy integration into existing patios or lanais, the Dual Shade is securely installed using angle irons and hinges, ensuring a tight seal against debris and inclement weather. The system effortlessly transitions from a closed screen, safeguarding your space, to an open canopy-style awning with the use of folding legs. Simply grab the legs and walk them out to position the shade freely, providing additional shaded patio space.
The Dual Shade is manually operable and includes a locking mechanism for security when closed. This cost-effective and versatile system transforms any outdoor area into a shaded, enjoyable retreat with ample protection and the convenience of additional patio space.

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At the Outside Shade Company, we’re a family-owned and operated office with more than 30 years of experience serving Tempe, AZ and the surrounding communities. With thousands of local home & business owners served, you can be sure that nobody will work as hard as our team to ensure your experience is nothing short of 5 stars! Reach out to our friendly customer service team now for a free quote.