Why Us

When you choose The Outside Shade Company as your awnings Chandler AZ company of choice, you can be confident that the work you are paying for is going to last! We focus exclusively on building high quality custom awnings and canopies with a new generation of beautiful and durable outdoor materials. We choose to do this with strictly aAmerican made materials and products because we believe the quality of our products should never be less than the best we can give. Our staff of experienced designers, qualified engineers, and skilled craftsmen install a wide range of custom awnings and more. We know that there are so many companies that offer similar services to ours for you to choose from and that it can be hard to tell what the difference might be between us. Let us show you the difference in the quality of our products and our work. Again, we want to point out that our use of premium materials means you can rest assured your satisfaction is our priority and we intend to stand behind our products for the duration of every warranty. There are so many reasons that you should choose us as your provider of awnings Chandler AZ, but this page exists only to give you a taste of that difference. Call us to let our team do more than just let you read some of the highlights of what separates us from our competitors!


Affordable Awnings Chandler AZ


Do you feel often that you are being taken advantage of or even ripped off by other companies offering to provide you with awnings Chandler AZ? Do you simply wish that you could work with a company that told you the price without all the extra BS? Are you often nervous that you are being taken advantage of when you have to get any type of service that you are not independently an expert in for yourself? We hear these kinds of hesitations and questions all of the time from our customers coming from other competitors.


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Every step of the way with our team there will be clear communication on your awnings Chandler AZ. This is why we make sure that we offer fair and affordable pricing on every single one of our projects. We want to be able to offer multiple pricing options and setup options on every project to truly fit the needs of our customers. It is difficult to balance offering the best prices while maintaining the highest quality of projects, but we get it done consistently at The Outside Shade Company! If you are looking for a company that offers fair and affordable pricing to its customers then you have found us!


Our Guarantee to You


At The Outside Shade Company, we GUARANTEE that we will use only Sunbrella Awning Fabrics on our awnings Chandler AZ. This dedication to the highest quality material from the largest and most recognized outdoor fabric manufacturer in the industry ensures the best results. You can be confident that you are getting the highest quality fabrics on the market, we sew in the Sunbrella label to each of our awnings. Those labels are only issued by Sunbrella itself to partnered companies guaranteed with 100% confidence to only use Sunbrella fabrics and cannot bait and switch. Thus ensuring, you always get what you paid for. The integrity of our company is our highest priority, if we don’t have this then what do we really have at the end. Our word means nothing if you have no way of verifying if we have consistently followed through on the things that we have said to our past clients. Because of this we want to encourage you to go and read our reviews! See what others have experienced with us and verify the things we are saying to you here. You can move forward with confidence with our team standing behind everything we do when we get you your awnings Chandler AZ!

Product Warranties


When you purchase sun control products like awnings Chandler AZ from The Outside Shade Company there are some things you can be absolutely certain of. Proudly manufactured right here in the USA, your shade products are designed to last you for years of life. We warranty our products, frames, fabric covers, motors and electronics to be free from manufacturer defects under normal and proper use for the applicable periods stated below. While this is a good summary, your specific product warranties will be discussed with you for your project!

Right from the very first day of your installation, your limited product warranty will go into effect! You will always have access to all of our team and their expertise even after your warranty expires. Any item replaced under warranty unfortunately does not extend the warranty period. We also do not Pro-Rate our warranties unless otherwise stated below or by the manufacturer. We want to make sure that you have coverage on your awnings Chandler AZ and that you can be confident that your product will last you for a very long time with normal use! Outlined below is not our full warranty, but this is meant to give you a taste and be totally transparent even before you work with us!




Sun-Pro Retractable Awnings (Sunbrella Fabric) | *10 yr. “Bumper to Bumper” Coverage
Solar Retractable Window Awnings (Sunbrella Fabric) | *10 yr. Fabric & 7yr Motor
Fixed Awnings (Sunbrella Fabric) | *10 yr.
Drop Shades (Texteline OR Sunbrella Fabric) | *10 yr. Fabric & 10 yr. Motor
Sunscreens (Texteline OR Sunbrella Fabric) | *10 yr.


Here’s What We Cover!


Any product deemed defective under its manufacturer or The Outside Shade Company written warranties
The Outside Shade Company agrees to pay for any factory labor and materials needed to repair or replace any product including awnings Chandler AZ covered during the warranty period
If your product requires field labor, the field labor and expense will be provided free of charge for a period of five years from date installation. If the product is returned to the factory for repair within the warranty period only transportation costs will incur!
*Sunbrella® Awnings
Excessive fading, rotting, or mildew as described under the specific manufacturer’s written warranties
Sunbrella fabric carries the express written warranties of the manufacturer, Glen Raven
All other fabrics are covered under the specific manufacturer’s warranties


What is Limited Under Our Warranty?


Installation and electrical hook up, if done by The Outside Shade Company, carries a warranty of 2 years
Powder coating on all frames is warrantied against excessive peeling for a period of 2 years


What Is Not Covered Under Our Warranty?


Anything out of The Outside Shade Company’s control, such as, without limitation, acts of God, wind damage, rain damage, snow damage, neglect, and failure to maintain products like awnings Chandler AZ to a reasonable degree
Damage resulting in a repair or attempted repair by someone other than an authorized service representative of The Outside Shade Company
The formation and presence of mold and/or mildew is not covered under the terms of this warranty. Mold and mildew will not grow on a man-made fiber, (acrylic) unless there is organic matter (dirt) for the mold to grow on. Reasonable care should be taken to clean the fabric of any surface dirt or otherorganic matter to prevent the formation of mildew.
Waffling or puckering of the fabric around or near a fabric seam/hem is totally normal during the lifetime of your fabric on your awnings Chandler AZ. Minor color changes in the fabric during the warranty period are also totally normal to experience. Crazing (scratch looking marks in the fabric) is an inherent characteristic of some Sunbrella fabrics.



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We want you to have absolute confidence in the quality of your products from us which is why we offer what we do to our customers. Get the best quality and service available to enhance your living spaces and reclaim your living spaces! Call us today to hear the full details because obviously we cannot include everything here that applies to your specific solution. If you have read to this point we would love to talk to you and actually walk you through the whole process!